Hip Hop Architecture explores the intersection of Hip Hop culture and the built environment through three interconnected realms; media, professional practice, and academia.

The goal of Hip Hop Architecture is to increase the number of underrepresented populations in the practice of architecture while simultaneously creating a new approach to architecture and design, one based on the Hip Hop's founding elements (DJ, Emcee, Graffiti and B-Boy/ B-Girl). Hip Hop Architecture is a manifestation of the widely accepted fifth element of Hip Hop, Knowledge.

June 10 to 14 at The Center for Architecture and Design  
Registration will Open in February 2019

The program is provided free of charge to all children. Tuition sponsorship to cover the cost of the program start at $300 but any and all donations are welcome. All donations made to TBFAD are tax deductible.

Funded in part with the Support of the Arts Council of Hillsborough County and the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners