This initiative will transform a standard transit bus into a thirty five foot long rolling art canvas showcasing new and original works of art to the over 1.3 million - and growing - residents of Hillsborough County using existing routes and facilities.

In January of 2018, we released our initial call to artists. Upon receipt of entries and a juried selection, we allowed HART bus drivers and employees to vote for three finalists. The winning entry, as selected by HART employees, will be debuted on Monday, January 9, 2019 at an unveiling ceremony at Marion Street Transit Center in Downtown Tampa. The selection will wrap a bus to be paraded along pre-selected routes for twelve months.


Artist Entry #3_Michael O'Connell.jpg

Michael O' Connell

I was very excited to work on this contest and submit a design.  Because for me, art and music are a lot alike.  They both offer so many different styles and can evoke different feelings and even inspire.  It’s what art is supposed to do.  Living in Tampa Bay as an artist, you can see this all around you.  from the people to the old buildings and history of Ybor, to the amazing sunsets or even the storms, you can find inspiration everywhere.  So with my design, I tried to include something for everyone and every taste.

Artist Entry #1_Zulu Painter (1).jpg

Zulu Painter

My name is Carlos Culbertson (aka Zulu Painter) and I am a visual artist from Tampa Bay.  I have created a design that reflects the rich artistic environment of Tampa Bay.  My design was inspired by the idea that art beautifies and grows communities everywhere.

Tampa Bay is known for its incredible electrical storms that dance across our sky and create an impressive light show for all to see.  These storms promote the growth of Incredible flora and fauna that encourages many tourists to flock to our region.  The power of art is widely known.  Art has the ability to bring communities together, renew our sense of pride and grow our society as a whole.

In my design, the power of nature is shown by the cloud at the rear of the bus.  The cloud burst with melodic beauty pouring across the land.  The geometric Patterns of blue can be seen as our Bay are neighborhoods and citizens united by the arts.  As the music flows across the bus, lush flowers grown and connect the patterns as they dance across the landscape.  The arts can revitalize the decay of time.  Children and adults can connect through the arts and Tampa Bay will continue to grow for the benefit of us all.

Artist Entry #2_Illsol.jpg

Michelle Sawyer and Tony Krol |

Sound waves create connections, music and rhythm has brought people together through cultural similarities since primitive times.  Those connections are very important in today’s concentrated subcultures in urban settings.  For this image, we have focused on hip hop.  As a subculture, a genre, and a lifestyle, hip hop continues to inspire, innovate, and create new opportunities.  Our imagery points to the connections and unity formed among DJ’s, break-dancers, producers, writers, and performers alike.

Hip hop culture is an important example of a positive outlet born of aesthetic value in our communities, and it inspires new subcultures.  This weave of overlapping cultures keep communities connected, engaged, and innovative in these modern times.  The intent of “Waves and Connections” is to inspire the viewer through images of dancing, movement and performance that exit in our own community.

About Illsol:  Illsol is a husband/wife muralist team based in Tampa, FL.  Michelle and Tony have worked as individual artists for over 10 years, and started Illsol in 2015 to take on larger projects as a team.  Illsol has worked with public and private entities for the installation (painting) of commissioned public artwork.


Contributing to the program’s success is Tampa Bay Businesses for Culture & the Arts (TBBCA), who organized the call to artists and assisted in selecting program jurors. Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART), donated the use of one thirty five foot clean-energy compressed natural gas bus for the duration of the program.

We are proud to partner with several community based non-profit organizations to ensure the HART Bus program is a grass roots effort that raises and promotes community awareness while increasing and promoting public transit. Our contributing community partners include Gasparilla Music Festival, Tampa Downtown Partnership, Vinik Family Foundation, and BCA TAmpa Bay.