Acoustic Guitar Pendant

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19-02 Acoustic Guitar Pendant.jpg
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Acoustic Guitar Pendant


Sterling Silver
2 in Pendant, 18 in Chain

This guitar pendant and chain set are hand crafted and includes fine wire detailing. Both the pendant and the chain are made from sterling silver to ensure the piece lasts the wearer a lifetime.

Carole Shelton
Earthbeat Designs

Carole Shelton is a contemporary jewelry artist, residing in Tampa. Her work has been called whimsical yet elegant. Each piece is individually crafted with an eye on creativity, wearabilty and quality.

She has a Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design with a minor in Art and a Masters degree in Clothing and Textiles. Sterling silver and copper are most prevalent in her designs, but she will incorporate any material or item that inspires her. Earthbeat Designs was founded in 2004.

Shelton's recent work has appeared in juried exhibitions at Duncan McClellan Gallery and Florida Craft Art. She received an Honorable Mention at the Gulf Coast Artists' Alliance Group Show, "Double Digits". Her current work can be found at St. Pete Artworks, A Little Room for Art, Florida Craft Art and the South Carolina Geology Museum.

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