2019 Ybor City Chicken Calendar

2019 Ybor City Chicken Calendar.jpeg
2019 Ybor City Chicken Calendar.jpeg

2019 Ybor City Chicken Calendar


11 x 17 in.

This 2019 Chickens Calendar is a keepsake and makes an original and unique gift.   A fun introduction of the key players in the Ybor City chicken world! The calendar is filled with their fun and quirky adventures.   

Lynn Rattray
Lynn Rattray Fine Art

Lynn Rattray is an award winning oil and acrylic artist. Her penchant for color and painterly strokes results in bold and touching work, as life itself vividly takes up residence on her canvas.

Lynn is a native of Atlanta, residing in Tampa with her family for over 40 years. She holds a Masters of Arts degree, with previous careers in education. Now retired from her role as school Principal, Lynn is fully and happily immersed in the artistic world. She’s active in numerous art leagues and recently served as President of North Tampa Arts League.

Lynn loves to capture color and emotion to tell a story. In her words, “As a volunteer with Ybor Chickens Society, I sweep up after our chickens in Centennial Park on Friday evenings. As we both go about our “work”, I am able to silently communicate with the the birds. When I return to my studio, all the stories they shared show up on my canvas. It might be song birds, as well. They all have a story to tell and I delight in helping them spread it via my paintings.” Lynn’s art does not disappoint as she captures and celebrates the beauty and joy found in our world!

Lynn’s vision is that her use of rich vibrant color, painterly strokes and the nuances of her artistic interpretation capture the imagination of the viewer. If the viewer leaves with a joyful heart and a smile, Lynn’s work is complete ...... until next time!

As a volunteer member of Ybor Chickens Society, I spend Friday evenings in Ybor City’s Centennial Park…trusty broom in hand…sweeping up after the chickens and scooting them out of rush hour traffic.  As dusk settles in, I help supervise bedtime, as the chickens fly up, one by one, for their nightly roost in the trees. Having painted over 100 Ybor City chickens, I love these quirky, funny beautiful birds! The history of Tampa’s street chickens dates back to the late 1800’s.  When Tampa’s cigar industry was first established in Ybor City, the workers brought their families … and their chickens … from Key West to Tampa. The chickens were used for food, as well as entertainment. The cigar industry and those families are now gone. Having adapted to life on the streets, the chickens proudly remain as a link to another time.  Each bird, with its flashy red signature beacon, is a reminder of Tampa’s humble roots and proud history.  

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